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 School Of The Pastor 

In accordance with Jeremiah 3:15, "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."  We are excited that God has chosen to use Reach For The World Ministry to be a integral part in the fulfillment of this promise.  The School of The Pastor will teach curriculums that will enhance growth, knowledge, and the abilities of those called to pastor the church that is founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ.   This school will teach the primary duties of the pastor and their responsibility to Jesus and the church.   As it is incumbent upon the pastors in their position of the Five-Fold Ministry to preserve the truth and doctrine of the gospel and preach and teach it without compromise in order to feed the sheep and perfect the saints. 

The School Of The Pastor will under the power of the Holy Spirit provide classes that will teach for example the history of the church, values of ministry, the mission of ministry,  the vision of ministry, strategy for ministry, and supernatural living through the Holy Spirit.  These classes and many other not mentioned will be offered online and in class room settings.  For further information, please take a look at the school catalog which will be posted on the website. 

Again, we are excited as to what God is dong and will do through The School of The Pastor and we look forward to sharing with you. 


The Five Core Area courses are courses that include in-depth study of each of the offices of the Five Fold Ministry.  These courses have been selected and designed to prepare to provide teachng and training to believers that are called to the office of the Five Fold Ministry for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.  These courses are frequently reviewed and occasionally curriculum and text books are changed as directed by the Holy Spirit.

There are segments of the Five Core Area Study courses that have prerequisite courses from the General Studies to be completed prior to enrollment as identified in the catalog.  All Five Core Areas courses, specific to each Office must be taken prior to obtaining a diploma of completion.  This catalog represents the Five Core Area courses for the office of the Pastor.  There are course assignments and course tests to include a mid-term and a final with all courses.

Catalog - School of the Pastor

Course #Pastor 051987401 - Introduction to the Office of The Pastor - This course covers what is a pastor, the facts, functions, and focus of pastoral ministry; the call of a pastor - perceiving, preparing and performing the pastoral call; the making of a pastor, yoking, love, building of the pastor and the pastor's character; the office of the pastor, as exemplifying the Father's love, watchmen, and functions of the pastoral office; understanding the pastoral anointing, and other subjects areas pertaining to pastors.  (3 Credit Hours)

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop
Location - Distant Learning
Course Period -    TBD ____________________________________________________________________________


Course  #Pastor 051987402 -  Church Administration  This study will cover introduction to church administration; basic and documents for administration; organizing the church; administering personal, financial, and physical resources; and other subject matters areas of church administration.   (3 Credit Hours)

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop

Location - Onsite/Distant Learning 

Course Period - TBD


Course  #Pastor 051987403 - Behavior Management and Resolving Conflict  - This study covers conflicts in ministry, behavior management from the Jesus' approach, causes of conflicts, methods to avoid and limit conflict; and technique on handling conflict from a biblical perspective.  This study will also include case studies on real life situations and circumstances to avoid life application for true ministry. (3 Credit  Hours) 

Instructor - Dr. Tracy Gibson, Apostle

Location - Distant Learning 

Course Period - TBD


Course #Pastor - 051987404  - Effective Biblical Counseling - This study consist of the development of the Pastor in his gifting pertaining to counseling based upon biblical principles and truths as pertaining to God's Word.  The objective of the study is to provide the student with knowledge and ways to apply God's Word to life situation; issues of the heart; mindsets; emotional states; physical, verbal, and spiritual abuse through the Holy Spirit, the executor of God's plan and purposes in the earth.  (3 Credit Hours)

Instructor - Dr. Tracy Gibson, Apostle

Distant Learning

Course Period - TBD

School of the Five Fold Ministry



Please visit the website for classes offered during the various Quarters
in both the General Study Catalog and the Core Area School Catalogs .  

If you are a new student to RFTWM
go to the School of the Fivefold Ministry tab and
click on the application page and apply for the School,
along with completing the required 200 word essay 
before registering for any classes! 

If you are a returning student go to the
School of the Fivefold Ministry tab and click on the
catalog tab and select your class from the ones
marked open and then go to the registration
form tab to register for your class!

Thanks, God Bless, and Enjoy the Class



Diploma Requirements - School of the Pastor

Please click the link above to view and print the Diploma requirements for the School of the Pastor.

Equipping the Saints - Building the Kingdom of God

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