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 School Of The Teacher 

In accordance with Ephesians 4:11-12, "And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelist, and some pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifyingh of the body of christ."  Along with 2 timothy 2:15, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth ."

The School of the Teacher will teach curriculums that will advance the Kingdom of God to bring the totality ministry of jesus to the uttermost parts of the earth with signs and wonders following.  One of the ways we are doing so is through the School of the Teacher.  This school will under the power of the Holy Spirit provide classes that will teach and train the teacher to function in the office and gifts of the Teacher.  It will teach the teacher to teach the truth of God's Word without comprise; in order to change lives and promote victorious living through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The school will teach and train the teacher in effective ways to study the bible and seek God for rehema (revelation knowledge) of His Word.  The objective of the School is to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the teacher, methods of exposition, explanation, and instructing that will cause others to learn and kindle a desire to learn even more.  Further, this school will teach and train the teacher how to rely on the Holy Spirit to be the teacher through them and not teach opinions, religion, doctrine, and worldly standards; however, teach messages directly from the throne of God.  These classes and many ohters not mentioned will be offered online, distant learning, and in a class room setting.  Please take a look at the school catalog located on this site.

Again, we are committed to carrying out the Great Commission as commanded by God and to be obediient to what God is doing and will do through  The School of the Teacher.  We look forward to sharing and working with you.

The Five Core Area courses are courses that include in-depth study of each of the offices of the Five Fold Ministry.  These courses have been selected and designed to prepare to provide teachng and training to believers that are called to the office of the Five Fold Ministry for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.  These courses are frequently reviewed and occasionally curriculum and text books are changed as directed by the Holy Spirit.

There are segments of the Five Core Area Study courses that have prerequisite courses from the General Studies to be completed prior to enrollment as identified in the catalog.  All Five Core Areas courses, specific to each Office must be taken prior to obtaining a diploma of completion.  This catalog represents the Five Core Area courses for the office of the Teacher.  There are course assignments and course tests to include a mid-term and a final with all courses.

Catalog - School of the Teacher


 Course #Teacher 051987501 - Introduction to the Office Of The Teacher - This course covers the office of the teacher; the characteristics of the teacher; the teacher's anointing; the functions of the teacher, and other subject matter areas of the five fold gifting of the teacher. (3 Credits)

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop

Location - Distant Learning

Course Period - Sprimg Quarter




Course # Teacher 051987502 - Applications of Teaching That Changes Lives   - This course focus will be on the key elements of teaching; lesson material and preparation; being a prepared teacher and the required tools; practical teaching methodologies, and bringing it all together. The objective of the class under the anointing of the Holy Spirit,  is to enhance the teacher's gifting to teach the Word of God where the students will experience the very breath of God upon His Word.  (3 Credits) 

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop

Distant Learning

Course Period - Winter

Course # Teacher 051987502 - Applications of Teaching That Changes Lives   - This course focus will be on


Course # Teacher 051987503 - Effective Ways to Study the Bible and Understand Scripture - This course main focus is to provide the Bible student and Teacher with a technique in studying the Bible that will give clear understand how to study  and teach the Bible inductively, precept upon precept.  During this study you will become skilled at interacting with God's Word, engrossing the message of God's Word, and how to allow the Teacher, the Holy Spirit, etch the truths of His Word in your heart, life, and mind.  This course involves detailed individual exercises in inductive study that will bring the student into a more intimate relationship with the Father.  Ultimately, this course will help the student understand, 1) what the Word of God says; 2) what the Word of God mean, 3) how to make it applicable to individual lives.

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop

Location - Distant Learning

Course Period - TBA


 Course # Teacher 051987504 - The Teaching Ministry and The Church - - The heart of this class is to posture the teaching ministry of the church to expose the false teaching, to educate God's people in righteousness and holiness and bring them into a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  This class will focus on God as Teacher; Jesus, the Master Teacher; The Holy Spirit as Teacher; the church role in teaching; the family role in teaching, preparation for teaching; structuring the teaching ministry in the church, and other applicable subjects regarding the teaching ministry. 

Instructor - Dr. Margaret Gibson, Presiding Bishop

Location - Distant Learning

Course Period - Spring


School of the Five Fold Ministry



Please visit the website for classes offered during the various Quarters
in both the General Study Catalog and the Core Area School Catalogs .  

If you are a new student to RFTWM
go to the School of the Fivefold Ministry tab and
click on the application page and apply for the School,
along with completing the required 200 word essay 
before registering for any classes! 

If you are a returning student go to the
School of the Fivefold Ministry tab and click on the
catalog tab and select your class from the ones
marked open and then go to the registration
form tab to register for your class!

Thanks, God Bless, and Enjoy the Class



Diploma Requirements - School of the Teacher

Please click the link above to view and print the Diploma requirements for the School of the Teacher.

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